How to realize these 18 nude step by step?

Nothing more simple, each step by step is the subject of a specific video, visualize the video that will accompany you to make your drawing.

This is a simplified approach to chiaroscuro drawing.

  • My goal is to make you discover in a fun way this great practice of drawing.
  • View the template or download it for printing, download the initial sketch.

Watch the video and get started!

Drawing material needed:

  •  1 blood pencil “611 or 610” from Conté in Paris or similar.
  • 1 charcoal pencil “HB or B” from Conté in Paris or similar.
  • 1 bluff number 1 (small diameter).
  • 1 eraser of bread.

Good exercise, Philippe.

Once you buy, you will receive a PDF file containing the link to view the secure page and its contents thanks to a password also attached to this PDF.

  1. Fichier PDF contenant lien et mot de passe pas à pas 2

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